Posted August 9th, 2022

Where Can I Train For a Career as a Medical Assistant in Lubbock?

Lubbock Medical Assistant School offers Medical assisting training for those looking to start a challenging and rewarding career in Lubbock. Medical assistants in Lubbock are in high demand and employers are looking to fill open positions.

Why are Trade Careers in Demand in Lubbock?

There are many reasons for the increase in demand for trade careers in Lubbock, including:

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Advanced in Technology

Some careers are becoming obsolete, however many trade careers in Lubbock are still in demand because they need a human touch. One of those trade careers is Medical assisting. Medical assistants can take advantage of the many advances in Medical technology. However, Medical assisting still takes a human touch. A technological advancement can’t replace the calming demeanor of an empathetic Medical assistant.

Also, advancements in medicine and technology are allowing us to live longer and healthier lives. This increased life expectancy means additional healthcare workers are needed to take care of the patients in Lubbock. Dentists will need additional Medical assistants to keep the Medical office running smoothly in Lubbock.

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Many of us have additional responsibilities or want a good work/life balance, and trade careers can help. Whether you want to work a particular shift or have the option to work outside of a traditional office, trade careers in Lubbock offer many opportunities to advance in your trade and enjoy a rewarding career. Trade programs are also flexible offering day and evening classes or hybrid programs to allow you to participate from home for lectures while saving classroom time for hands-on experience.

What Does a Medical Assistant Do in Lubbock?

There are many clinical and clerical duties that you will perform as a Medical assistant in Lubbock. From rooming patients to infection control as well as patient education. All of these duties allow you to help patients in your Lubbock community. The following are some of the clinical and clerical responsibilities that you will perform as a Medical assistant:

  • Rooming Patients

  • Part of your job as a Medical assistant is to meet patients in the waiting room and walk them back to the Medical workstation. Once in the dentist’s chair, you will make sure the patient is comfortable and understands the procedures that will accompany the appointment.

  • Logging Health History & Medications

  • It is important for the dentist and Medical assistant to know how the patient’s health has been fairing, what medications they are taking, and if they are allergic to anything, including latex gloves. Knowing the health history of a patient in advance can stop problems before they happen. While logging health history, this is a good time to educate patients on proper hygiene including brushing and flossing regularly to prevent tooth decay and heart disease.

  • Infection Control

  • It is a Medical assistant’s responsibility to manage infection in the highly trafficked areas of the Medical facilities in Lubbock. Bacteria and viruses can be brought into the Medical facility from the local community, and you will be responsible for cleaning, disinfecting, and sterilizing workstations, and Medical instruments.

  • Appointment Setting

  • Patients in Lubbock will likely call into the dentist’s office and want to set appointments for cleanings and other Medical services. As a Medical assistant, you will assist the Medical facility staff in setting appointments for patients in the Lubbock area.

  • Medical Supplies Stocking

  • As a Medical assistant, you will be acutely aware of the Medical supplies in your Medical office. Using Medical supplies every day, you will be the best person to contact vendors in Lubbock and order Medical supplies.

What are The Benefits of Attending Lubbock Medical Assistant School?

Whether you are looking for a short-term program or an opportunity to learn a trade that will be more than just another job, Lubbock Medical Assistant School prepares you to become a Medical assistant in as little as 3 months. Medical facilities in Lubbock look to Lubbock Medical Assistant School for Medical assistant candidates because they know that Lubbock Medical Assistant School offers hands-on experience that can decrease the amount of on-the-job training candidates need to start working at Medical facilities in Lubbock.

Additional benefits of attending Lubbock Medical Assistant School include industry-experienced instructors that can mentor you to train you for a new career as a Medical assistant. To supplement a complete curriculum, you will get hands-on training to master your Medical assistant skills. And all scrubs, supplies, and materials are included in your affordable tuition at Lubbock Medical Assistant School.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to train for a career in Lubbock, it is time to learn more about Lubbock Medical Assistant School. And, if you are ready to become a Medical assistant in Lubbock, Lubbock Medical Assistant School is the program you are looking for to find a Medical assistant job that matches your passion.

Medical Assistant Program

Interested in graduating from a Medical assistant program in Lubbock? The Lubbock Medical Assistant School has helped thousands of people start a new career in the Medical field at a fraction of the cost of other schools. We help you graduate debt free from Lubbock Medical Assistant School by offering affordable tuition and flexible payment plans.

Contact Lubbock Medical Assistant School today to learn more about becoming a Medical assistant in Lubbock.

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